Spotlight On Android Beam

The discussion of these 2 products has actually experienced numerous problems. And I speak not only of much speculation that lurked about the new smartphone OS. Recently, Google, in addition to Samsung scored for the last 11 days to provide its new products. There were unexpected and the conference was delayed. Images and a video of a leaked release, and the name of the cell has altered, or rather, turned out as different from previously reported in the media.

With Android 4.0, smartphones not have to have hardware buttons because you get ever present virtual buttons for Back, Home and Recent apps. The Recent apps button shows you a list of your currently running apps and displays the most recent material you accessed as a thumbnail. You can just tap the thumbnail to bring the app up or swipe it off to the right to close it.

The Whole Android Beam Enchilada

Nevertheless, after altering the date and location (initially the occasion was in California, but was changed to Hong Kong), the 2 gigantic officially revealed the new Galaxy Nexus smartphone, produced by Samsung, which runs Android 4.0, already leaked Ice Cream Sandwich which was eagerly waiting for by users of the system. There are lots of new functions, particularly by the operating system. Let’s take a fast trip of the specifications.

Most were mysteries with regard to the use, which was totally refurbished. For the device itself, it verified what a lot of expected or have actually already leaked. The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have physical buttons, the buttons are displayed on screen and can even be hidden while making use of some programs, such as a video player.

The touch screen has a response time of 0.01 ms, besides the advantage of being in the 16:9 element ratio, suitable for movies. the Super AMOLEDscreen HD huge curved measures 4.65 ‘with a native resolution of 1280 \u00d7 720pixels and it follows the other functions of other high-end Android gadgets.

The Galaxy Nexus emerges as among the most powerful smartphones on the market in a matter of hardware. He reached for the chest in front of the competition. And with strength! Who wants this little charm will not wait longer, according to Google Nexus will already be readily available next month in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

The ice cream sandwich (?) Was quite loaded with new things and began. According to Google, Android 4.0 has actually been redesigned practically from scratch to be a new system, durable, functional and sophisticated. He is a kind of watershed, given that it will work on both smartphones and tablets, the retiring earlier, particularly Froyo (2.2), Gingerbread (2.3) and Honeycomb (3.0).

The changes begin with the currently discussed absence of physical buttons, which was just possible due to the OS. Essentially all native applications have been reworked and suffered at least visually obvious changes to the user. Special attention to the native browser, a sort of Chrome Mobile, is now much quicker to handle its major rival. Touchscreen gestures and multitask refurbished, improving the user experience. The keyboard has likewise undergone changes and now consists of a universal spell checker, and function-to-text speech, where he transcribes speech to text in genuine time.

The majority of the news that left users excited to hand in a power we can point out the Android 4.0 Unlock Face, which uses facial recognition function to open the device. Google Beam likewise caused damage. He is a content transfer system just like Bluetooth, which simply touch the back of the phone to the other videos, web pages, maps and other things to be moved. Beam Google utilizes NFC technology. The other cell likewise requires to support it. The Ice Cream Sandwich is now breathtaking images by merely ‘dragging’ the camera throughout the landscape, in the end it shows a single photo. And naturally, enabled the application of filters, virtually a Instagram built.

There has been a great deal of chatter about the NFC (Near Field Communication) in the mobile world, especially because it is the tech behind the new Google Wallet service that allows you to pay with your smartphone. In Ice Cream Sandwich it powers the new Beam feature which enables you to quickly share material like maps or videos with another NFC smartphone. Simply activate the feature, hold your phones close and you can tap to beam the content across. It might also be used to permit a multiplayer gaming in the near future.

Widgets can be resized, a new gallery of widgets alongside the list of applications, much easier to discover them. Scrolling the list of applications is provided the sides.

Organization of the icons in folders, appears like iOS: simply drag an item over the other, are icons of applications or even cards of contacts.

Improvements in the dictionary and the best ways to fix the words, you can drag and drop words, without having to cut and paste.

Unlock screen face, removing using passwords, codes, and so on, in the demonstration failed and did not acknowledge the face of the presenter.

The browser can switch to desktop display mode, which requires the display screen of the whole page, not the mobile version that sites send out.

You can save pages to read offline. The favorites of Chrome on the desktop integrate with the Android browser.

Incognito mode (anonymous) has now offered on Android: It enables you to access sites without saving cookies, history, and so on.

Capability to report and block the data connection to reach a specific restriction, helpful for those with limited strategies. This is undoubtedly among the best practice resources.

In addition to the blocks which you can examine more data transfer apps, and can set thresholds and alerts for applications.

The interval in between chance ats the Galaxy Nexus is less tough to determine, and you can click several times to take multiple images. This even while moving the phone, without noticeable holdups.

Ability to use filters, crop, remove red eye, and so on, directly into the video camera app. The picture is conserved as a customized copy.

Scenic pictures, simply gradually move the device to catch the whole scene, feature generally discovered in digital cams.

New application for handling contacts, much more visual. Galleries with information from good friends of the exact same social media networks as much as date. This will certainly exempt the use of lots of third-party applications.

Quick response: when you do not desire or cannot answer a call, just opt to send out a quick response.

Android Beam: NFC for real, the two phones can share a lot, simply touch them in the back and touch the screen you want to send out the information. It may be a site, a map, amongst numerous other types of data. If you are a video game, for example, to carry out the procedure the phone receiver in the game will open the page in the Market, if you have not already installed.

It is a reality that the smartphone market is busy and well heated. We live, today, a genuine trade war between the companies. Apple tries to stay up to date with the double iOS and the iPhone, Google has been on his trail with Android, more improved, and a bunch of hooligans to run the cellular manufacturing system, and Microsoft currently offers the men with their Windows Phone 7. Even the next 26 days will be the Nokia World event, which fairly potentially will be announced the Nokia smartphone running the Microsoft produces, further exacerbating the disagreement.

What is the best of them? All! All are excellent, practical, beautiful and with functions that deal with all types of requirements. This is the wonder of competition, which requires companies to produce products much better and better, and it’s like that old cliche states, who wins is the consumer. If there is a bad element of it, I can only consider one: the indecision that our customers will remain in picking our very first, or next smartphone.