New Products Discovered

We’ve done a bunch of research and testing and have come up with these cool new products that you should either try or look into more.  Science and technology is always evolving and with time, it’s been evolving at a faster rate.  To keep up, we’re constantly looking for new products to test out and review.  Here are the current ones we’ve been looking into.

The memristor is a tiny microscopic item that can store and remember electrical states even when they are not on.  It would be a replacement for flash memory and hard drives.  Due to its tiny size, this is a revolutionary item that can change the way we store memory on our computers.

Another discovery that has been getting a lot of attention is magnetron sputtering for coating of surfaces.  Sputtering works in a way where sputtering material is ejected due to positive ions being ejected rapidly through magnetic negative ions.  Through this, magnetron sputtering is able to produce a very thin film of plasma.  These coatings are usually seen on items like DVDs to protect the DVD itself by layering a thin film on top.  Check out Angstrom to find out how to use and guide magnetron sputter system.

A new hot product that’s got everyone talking is Google’s self driving car.  A self driving car is exactly as it sounds – it drives itself without the need of a human driver or remote driver.  These cars have been in the news often as of late because of the extreme efficiency it would provide for us as a society.  These self driving cars are currently being tested – we would love to get our hands on one to test it ourselves.  Imagine all the things you can do now in your car without having to pay attention to the road.  The number of accidents would decrease and the opportunity cost of driving the car would increase as well.  Best of both worlds.


So there you have it, our current list of hot products we’ve looked into.  To find out what is magnetron sputtering – more information at Angstrom Engineering can be provided.  If you’re looking into Google’s self driving cars, you can just search for more information online (it’s everywhere).  And for the memristor, look out for this product because we have a hunch that it will be put to use sooner rather than later!